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"Excelente presentación. Presento temas que yo no sabía que podrían ser un problema potencial."

"Gran clase-deseo haber tomado la clase antes del divorcio. Creo que esta clase no es sólo para las familias que se están divorciando sino para todos los miembros de la familia para que los padres tengan una mejor visión sobre la crianza de los hijos."

"Me dio puntos de vista diferentes y me ayudó a darme cuenta de algunos de los "errores" que he (hemos) estado cometiendo. Yo realmente rompí los 5 meses de no hablar y removí las órdenes de restricción mientras que yo estaba tomando el curso."

"Me gustaron los vídeos de los profesionales desde jueces hasta abogados. Fue útil escuchar su punto de vista."

"A pesar de que mi ex marido y yo tenemos el divorcio más ideal (si existe tal cosa), y pensé que estábamos haciendo todo bien en su mayor parte, he aprendido mucho de esta clase. Comencé la clase con la mentalidad que no podía enseñarme nada nuevo, descubrí muy pronto que estaba equivocada. Me mostró varias áreas donde los dos como padres conjuntos podríamos utilizar ayuda para mejorar. Utilizaré estas herramientas que aprendí aquí para el resto de mi vida."

Class Testimonials & Reviews

I thought the class was Much longer than "4 hours" but definately Well-Worth it. Very informative and for people looking to get better as a co-parent, this is an absolute Must in my opinion. I have taken classes volunarily before, including last October 2014, but this has by far, been the best and most impactful! Thank you! PS - Even my wife (our kids other mother with us now) has also taken it and recognized the course benefits! Thanks Again!

It should be an Absolute Pre-Requisite to filing legal actions, or at the very least, before any Temporary Orders are decided upon. In my opinion. Plus it will help the parents either praise themselves, realize what they can improve upon, or how they must change for the benefit of their children.

This class would've saved me a lot of time, money and grief being that it offers and suggests other alternatives than litigation. I had NO idea. Those collecting money for litigation need to think about that, which affects the best interest of the children.

I wish all parents who were divorcing would be required to take the class as soon as a divorce comes into play, it may help them understand how to cope with the divorce and their children in a healthy manner, divorce is an emotional burden for all involved, maybe if they seen this prior to divorce it may help with the process and how they should be dealing with the situation and their children.

I learned alot of things that will help me cope with the situations that my grandchildren have to deal with and help me to understand how to help them get through it.

The class is informative and gives alternate ideas on how to cope with the different situations. There are a lot of resources within the class to look at and print off for further viewing.

I liked that it gave me some valuable insights to how to communicate with my coparent and helped me to understand how to approach situations with the best interests of my child in mind.

The videos,watching the kids reactions, actions and emotions was eye opening for me.

Even though I was frustrated with having to take this course (and I still am a little bit, which I don't understand why, but whatever), I know my kids will benefit from me taking this course, it really helped bring the focus back to where it should be, which is understanding the situation from our children's perspective and making sure they get through this as easily as possible.

It was very thought provoking. Made me evaluate my circumstance and realize parts and labels I didn't realize before.

I liked the format that was presented. The ability to pause and go back to previously viewed material was beneficial to re-reviewing material that I wanted to remember or write down ideas from. I could view the material at my own pace within the comfort of my own home.

I felt that it taught me how to work things through better with my childs other parent. It also made good points that i hope we can use throughout our co-parenting experience.

I love the videos on how both sides react and see things along with better ways to deal with stuff from both points of views. most certainly helps get better and clearer understanding

I think it was very helpful in getting me to rethink my position on a number of things, in particular, letting shadows tell me negative things.

Very beneficial. Should be recommended as soon as possible to reduce litigation.

That it helps you look at situations from your child's point of view and not your own. It allowed me to see how things affect my child because she is so young and can't tell me how she feels. I want to always make the best choices for her, and I see that I may not have always been doing that. Even though I do always feel like I had my child's best interest at heart, it may have not always been what was really best for her.

I really liked the class. I learned a lot of beneficial information that will be useful.

The information in the course along with the videos was very informative.

I found this class very instructive and informative. I will really think about the information delivered here. I feel I learned some very important information.

What I like about this class is that it does give many different ways to try and get along with the other parent and to make it easier and a lil more happier to deal with different homes. The fact that this tests you to make sure that you are reading and getting what this program is trying to help you with.

I learned some new skills in regards to communication and also having two homes. it also opened my eyes to things i may be doing or saying without realizing the effects it may have. i really liked how it always gave multiple perspectives. it is a very helpful course.

it is very helpful knowing the judges and attorneys perspectives on hot topics. it really does give good tools on how to better parent and co parent but also how to reslove the ugly parts of divorce with the other parent. when you are in the thick of it, everything is emotional and overwhelming. to have this point of reference and outside perspective is good. grounding.

It was informational about how parents should co parent and things not to do that I was unaware of.

Learned appropriate/inappropriate ways to communicate with my child about what is happening. Learned how many actions/conversations effect my child.

Discovered how easy it was to fall into inappropriate behaviors.

That it is very beneficial, and allows the parent to gain insight on how things really affect the child or children involved between two parents/homes.

I liked the vast amount of information I learned. I liked that I can take it at the convenience of my own home. I wished that this class was required right before filing for divorce. I got a better understanding of the legal process and terminology.

Allowed me to better understand how to approach and communicate with my co-parent. Well presented. Pretest were very heplful.

I appreciated the attention this class brings to the long term emotional status that living between two homes can have on a child. I also learned a lot about communication skills that I can further investigate with my counselor as to implement these skills on a daily basis.

I would like to have been required to take this course BEFORE legal actions were ever taken! Both Father and Mother should have to view this course before going to the courthouse.

I feel this is an excellent tool in helping parents realize that we make mistakes and that this course can help parents help remedy those mistakes not continue letting others be the mouths in the situation and make us relive the past. It is nice to hear from judges in this course, not actors.

It is a tool to help the parents work out viable solutions to their problems and not leave it to strangers or the legal system to do.

I really did learn alot about how to better handle conflict. I also learned how to better judge and schedule routines with the other parent that will work better for myself, the co parent, and our baby. It made me realize that at our sons age that he does need frequent visits with his father also. I currently live out of the state but after reviewing this class I am way more educated on trying to work out a solution with my sons father and have decided to return to [the state] in a timely matter. I think that it also gave me different ideas on how to handle disputes. I hope that the both of this can take away alot learned and do our best to make an agreement rather then the court deciding.

I liked seeing specific examples of the different behaviors that I should both do and avoid.

I liked that I could take this class online while i am at work! It has also helped me understand how to talk to my child's other parent even if we do not get along. This has been a huge help to me and am so happy I took the class!

It is helpful and needed for co parents!

It helped me to see things through my childrens eyes, because of this class i will be a better co-parent when it comes to raising them.

This class should be required to be taken before filing for divorce.

I liked the information and tools presented in order to respond to certain situations. The videos were a great help as well. Hearing from law professionals who often hear child custody cases allowed me to relate to my current situation. I like the option of taking the class online in a controlled environment, with the ability to pause, review and retake the pre-test in order to retain the information given. Thanks for providing this valuable resource.

I liked it all. I found out what I was doing wrong and how I can address it properly for my children's sake.

I like how it clarified common mistakes. I recognized that I was guilty of some of those mistakes.

This class was very helpful in conflict resolution ideas, and had very good reminders.

I appreciate the knowledge I gained from this class. I've realized some of the ways I have co-parented wrong in the past. I liked all of the video clips of the judges talking about co-parenting and the legal process.

It really does help you see the situation through the eyes of your children.

This class should be a requirement pre-divorce proceedings and pre-child custody cases. The information given is extremely helpful to all involved.

I learned so much about things that I want to change and about ways to communicate better with my co-parent.

The class did a good job staying focussed on the children.

Helped me excel to be the best father/co-parent I can be.

It was filled with many different pieces of information that I had not thought about originally. It also validated and provided esteem to actions and choices, as a co-parent, that we were making. Most of all, in every chapter/session, it always demonstrated "here's what doesn't work for the best interest of your children" and then "here's alternative options". I believe this can be crucial for parents who don't understand any other way to behave. And it gave perspective on how each action of each parent is crucial to the healthy-happy upbringing children deserve, and how to still achieve that goal even if the marriage has ended.

It was very helpful and resourceful. Open my mind and made me think on how I could do things better.

It is informative and will help you think differently.

Good content. Well organized. The pretests really helped. The technology platform worked well and was easy enough to figure out. The course helped me form a mental framework that I didn't have before. Without it, I would have had to "feel" my way through situations. It exposed a lot of subtle ways that I might, despite trying not to, put my kids inappropriately in the middle of the divorce.

Easy to understand. Helpful when it comes to step parents. Very Useful.

I loved the class

It's very informative, as well as truly helpful. I have been practicing these techniques I have learned in this class, and thus improved my relationship with the other co-parent. It also gave me knowledge as to how certain situations can impact our children more deeply, as well as making decisions appropriately for what is honestly best for our family unit... As learned from this class "...to us parents, it might be viewed as two families now... but to our children, we are still one family" and it's the truth. It is still one family, so therefore, our main goal since day one still needs to be "what is best for OUR children" and keep things very appropriate and caring.

This was a wonderful class.

I liked how the class was set up and how it explained each topic many of which I had no prior knowledge of. I believe all parents going through similar situations should take the course voluntarily or manditorily because it helps to shed light on what is really important (THE CHILD). I really benefitted from taking this course and in the end I know that it will help my child benefit as well.

Very good information. Alot of stuff people could use to better themselves and co-parent as well.

That it is well worth the money and time, the information presented is great in beginning to build a great co-parenting relationship. It outlines topics that many parents may not be aware of and helps to better handle situtions as they may come. I would recommend it to any parents going through simliar cases.

It was very informative. I liked that it had a lot of resources to print. That way you could refer back later. It was awesome that it was read aloud to me, because going through a divorce takes a toll on a person.

Make this a legal requirement for ALL involved in the child's life - during the divorce hearing and then again if a parent remarries for the step-parent to be required to take. This will become a more pro-active stance and give parents and step-parents better tools to understand what is expected of them by the courts. This information isn't easy to gain from our divorce decrees. There's much more involved!

I like the fact that it was available online. I found this class as very informative; it help me see things in a different perspective.

I liked that it told me some of the feeligs that the child may be having. I also liked that it told me some ways that I could better communicate with my co-parent.

This class is an eye-opener! All seperated or divorced parents, should take this class. I would even suggest they take the class before any legal action be taken by either side.

This class gave me better insight on how 2 homes effects the children and how to resolve conflict outside of the courtroom.

It was very informative and helped me understand the situation better from the perspective of the child.

It was very informative. It gave good examples of behavior for parents. It also emphazised how good communication makes a difference.

I gained valuable information to help my kids through the divorce process and hopefully prevent further litigation between my self and the children's father.

It was interactive and easy to use. Great points were made and new discoveries unearthed. Thank you so much for provideing this learning tool.

The online availability was extrememly important for me. I enjoyed the videos immensely. The lists and extra resources were very helpful.

This class was very informative. I am glad I took this class, It has changed my views on Co-parenting. I wish I would have taken this course sooner, but im thankful I got to take it now.

I like the judges comments. I like the explanation of what parents do that is non-productive to the parents moving forward as co-parents. I like the co-parenting section that teaches dos and dont's. I like that it captures many of the emotions parents and kids feel. I really think this should be required prior to legal action.

I liked the video clips detailing what experianced judges had to say about the divorce process. They were useful to see/hear for someone who has never experianced divorce before.

I liked that there were more options than "let's get angry and fight over the kids." Many of the mistakes were things that I experienced when exchanging the children. I will not make those mistakes again.

Very informative and important to take prior to moving forward with a divorce or seperation.

This class was informative and useful in finding good ways to resolve conflict and co`parent in a constructive way.

I like that it helped me look at different situtions in different points of view. This class is a good class for two parents to take even if they are still together.

I feel that this class touched on several of the subjects I had questions about in regards to providing a healthy home for our daughter. This class also gave me a very good understanding of how functional co-parenting can work.

What I love about this class is that it gave me a clear window on how to handle my new life as a divorced Women/Mother, and the proper way to care and raise our children in the most effective way by working with my co-parent (the father), with Respect for each other, openess, discussion, planning, and sharing. This class also pointed out how we sometimes bring our children in the middle of our disputes,dislikes, and legal problems. Im happy that this was made aware to remind ME, that we have a shared responsibility in the well-being and up raising of our children, and we shouldnt let the divorce effect the proper care that our children deserves from both parents. I really enjoyed this class.... so beneficial Thanks for giving me the tools and directions to help aid me in the success of co-parenting Between Two Homes :-)

When I was told I needed to take this course I was slightly frustrated thinking that I knew most of what I needed to know to be a good co-parent. Let me tell you though, I am definitely walking away from this course knowing things I didn't know before.

This class was very informative and a eye-opener. It's a class that all co-parents should look into taking and it also offers some nuggets for parents that are in a home together.

The class was conducted in a reality based form with most real life situations provided. The information was easy to understand as well as being very useful.

What I liked most about the on-line parenting class was learning how to approach or reply to a situation regarding the other parent and how it could and can affect the child.

Will make me a great coparent!! Thank-you!!

This course provided a lot of good information and real life scenarios that were easily comprehensible and relatible to everyday life.

Good information, I liked hearing the judges' advice in the videos. Thank you to all the judges, and everyone else, who took the time to participate in putting this class together.

Definitely make it a mandate for the future of the kids!!

It being available online was perfect for me. I also found out a lot of information about the different ways of parenting. In my situation, it seems as though we had been Parallel Parenting, now I have a lot of good information on how to hopefully redirect us to coparenting for the benefit of our daughter.

The way everything was presented made it more engaging.

The audio was read to me. The content was very well researched and presented with examples and role playing. It was easy for me to understand.

Great class. Should be mandatory for both parents.

a very resourceful and informative tool to help be more civilized about a divorce and help raise healthy kids.

This class should always be taken before any leagal action is persued. It probably would have prevented the current legal case we are embroiled in.

I didn't think I needed the classes , but it was very enlightening for a non judgemental third party to tell me about myself. Judges should look at this video once a year so they are aware of the content. Throughout the course we as parents are encouraged to settle amongst ourselves. If they are aware of the materials in the courses they will know what the parents have taken from the course.

I thought this was a great class and gave me alot of ideas on how to handle situations.

The online version is very accessible and allows more time for absorption of material when compared to a live all day course. This way you can take a little at a time and really focus for brief intervals, rather than drudging on all day, anxiously waiting to get out of the class.

It is a good class and it changes how you view your situation.

I learned a lot from the class . it will make me a better person and very helpful.

I have never taken a parenting class and was upset when I was ordered to do this, but after taking the class I think all parents going through a divorce should have to take the class . No improvements needed. It helped me understand the appropriate way I need to be a divorced parent.

this is very informative and they should encourage this class before filing of divorcce

I'm very grateful my attorney recommended this course to me. I have been "co-parenting" the wrong way for four years, and am now aware of a host of different methods we could've tried instead of going to court. If my ex was to take this course I think the benefits to our co-parenting would've been a lot better than the current path we're taking. Making this a requirement before pursuing any litigation would be an outstanding idea.

Sometimes we, as divorced parents, tend to get in the middle of our emotions and forget what our child is seeing and taking in. This course helped me to stay focused.

It reinforced many of the legal and sociological principles that I had previously been told about.

It was very knowledgable and easy to follow. I felt the videos helped alot in understanding the situations. I now understand how co-parenting is so easy if you do things right and keep a good relationship between the parents. I learned it's not about my feelings and reasons it's about our daughters and she needs both of us in her live actively to be a success.

I liked the videos of the judges and attorneys talking about cases and how it could relate to my family.

I would like them to know that not all sections of the course are applicable to every situation, but all coparents can benefit from listening to all sections of the course.

I appreciated hearing the comments from the judges and attorneys and I am glad they are providing these classes and that they are on the children's side and not the parents issues.

I liked the explanations that provided perspective from the child's point of view. I also thought the explanations of behaviors detrimental to the co-parenting relationship and the child were very helpful. Thank you!

It definitely changed my views in some circumstances that I have to deal with. I'm very happy I took the course and think all parents should have to take this class. To me it would even benefit parents not seperated to learn how to deal with certain issues. it was very informative and I enjoyed it!

I liked that it put things into everyday situations and real instances. Made things easy to understand and spoke to me on a personal level.

its a great beneficial class, keep this class a MUST DO! for the parents who are going through a divorce process with children.

* It was incrediby informative. * Provided detailed insight into the perspective of the child/children being raised between two homes. * Outlined a variety of preventable but still potential problems & pitfalls the child/children might encounter throughout various stages of their life and developement. * Highlighted issues many co-parents (I personally) have experienced when dealing with each other in less-than-ideal situations or circumstances, most of which (for me personally) would be impossible to recognize or identify without the information in this course and associated video's. * How effortlessly it educates on how simple and easy it can be for co-parents who work together to actually inprove the quality of life for their child/children despite being raised between two homes.

That it provides excellent guidannce on how good co-parents should behave.

It will benefit my kids and I'm greatly appreciative that I had to take it because I have a different outlook on my child growing between two homes.

This class was so helpful and insightful. I was able to see things that I was doing wrong and that my co-parent is doing wrong. I wish I would've taken this class 1 year ago, when the child custody process started when I hired an attorney. It would only help our son by both of us taking the course. I would like to write a letter to the course designers and/or the court to thank them for the helpful information that will only benefit our son. It is PERFECT!

I believe the course doesn't need anything changed. I only wish I would've taken it earlier in the process.

I found this class very helpful in recognizing some of my own deterring behaviors that require addressing and how better to handle them in the future. I think this is a valuable tool for anyone going through divorce that has children involved

It gave me ideas for alternate solutions that I did not know about. Also, it gave me some knowledge I did not have before about how certain things are harmful or hurtful to the child/children.

The pace of the class encourages participants to engage. The content, particularly the videos, helps the subject matter resonate with the participant. I was able to put myself in the shoes of the parents in many of the videos in the last section. I also appreciated hearing from the professionals who work within the family court system. It helped me view my behaviors from their perspective. I have read books and spoken to professionals about co-parenting, but this course particularly and effectively targets the daily reality of co-parenting. Everyone has something to learn from this course. Even if only one thing is learned, it will benefit the children involved. A few hours and $40.00 for guidance that could change your child's life for the better is a small price to pay. Thank you.

This class was very informative and puts a lot of things in perspective.

I learned about better communication methods with my children and how to react appropriately to certain situations.

i learned how to be a better co parent. i also learned how to communicate better.

I enjoyed the class a lot. It really put things in perspective and really helped with different issues that we are going through.

It did not make me feel as though I was going to be a "bad" parent, it communicated the information in neutral way. I was surprised at the verbaige that could easliy be misconstrude as being negitive to the other parent. I really leaned a lot in how to word things better. It also helped put myself in my future childs shoes. I want my childs father and I to give [our son] the best chance at two peacful, loving "homes". We are not bad people, just not a great couple. We are co parents not ex's any longer. I am very happy that I took this course. Thank you.

I thought it was an informative and well paced class. Also the options to pretest helped reinforce my concentration on areas that needed more attention by me.

I like the things that I did not have any knowledge about at first, very imformative and I recommend it to anyone.

It is valuable for anyone with children who are getting a divorce whether it is amicable or not.

That it is very important for both parents to see prior to court. This would resolve a lot of problems on both sides.

This is something that is very important to both parents to see before filing.

The class gave me some good idea's on how to talk to my childern and how to be a better co parent.

It is a solid program. Alot can be taken from it. Topics are covered which one may not be familiar with or never thought to consider.

This class could be helpful to everyone. If this was a must do before going to court. For some people it could save a lot of time and money. Of course for parents who share equal interests in their child.

I was not that excited about having to take this course and thought it would be a waste of time. However, I did learn some important things especially about what should and should not be said to a child, like the "i missed you" statement. While it seems like a normal thing I can now see that that would place a burden on the children and I have told a few friends who are going through divorce about that.

It makes you think about the way you act in front of the children. you might not realize it because thats what comes out of your mouth. after watching and reading this class made me realize i do alot of the right things in co parenting that i didnt know i was doing. it has always been my best interest to make sure our kids are loved between the 2 homes. best part is you guys made it so you cant skip ahead and fly thru it. I AM GLAD AND THANKFUL THAT I HAD TO TAKE THIS. THANK YOU

This should be a mandatory class for all first time parents who are faced with being a co parent. I am a fairly intelligent person. I learned a lot in this class. The real simple stuff.

All of the helpful tips. Also the short videos. Extremely helpful! This course helps you understand ,and see things in a more positive point of view.

Recommend this class first.

that it taught me that even though I am going through the worst time in my life, so are the kids and that I cant let any of my stuff trickle down to them.

A great many things. I thought it was well presented and offered some real-world solutions.

Well layed out. Progressive/ building block format. Could not fake it and must review every slide to progress. Solid advice and learning tool provided. Pre-tests could be reviewed as many times as needed to feel comfortable with mastery of topics discussed.

I liked the options the course gave about co-parenting and how it reiterated that it is not about the parent but is totally about the child. I also like that it provided me with resources to help me be a better parent and co-parent.

That it is a good source of information for parents to make better desicions as coparents and agree on terms instead of going to trial or continuing to fight for the child.

It taught me alot of things I was not understanding when it was happening in my situation. It broke it down and opened my eyes.

The information is realisitic, it really cannot hurt anyone to have to be made current on this information.

The course was very helpful with suggesting healthy, nuturing and collaborative stratiegies for raising children. This course promotes the optimal environment for co-parenting between two homes when children are involved. I am very glad I had the opportunity to take this class.

I chose to take 3 different courses. Like this one, two were on-line. One was in person, at the Parenting Center. I enjoyed all three, but this was much more in-depth. It not only touched on several things that the other two did not, but also thoroughly went into each possible topic. There is not many issues that would arise in the co-parenting arena that were missed.

That every parent who separates should take this, with education in child development I feel all this information is VITAL.

It was excellent advice. It was very clear and straight forward.

It helped me to see some of the issues that i need to deal with. And will have to work on within myself. As long as my childred are happy, that is most important. Learning about the other options, i had no clue about. So thank you for the class.

It taught me to never bring my child into any conflict with myself and the co-parent.

Its an excellent tool and I'm glad that I took it. I've gain some VERY valuable information that I will definetly implement into our situation, so that our 6yr old son may have a better chance at dealing with this life changing event.

The class had a host of examples, was well organized, and very informative.

It gave me an understanding of what my children will be going through and tools to help me minimize the negatives and focus on the positives of co-parenting.

It very structured and extensive and very informative.

Very informitive class, as a father it was nice to have this class. I also enjoyed some of the other pieces of information that it provide to me.

That it is very well put together, extremely informative and very effective.

It helps the parent to make sure children are priority!!!! To put all differences aside and not to take anything personal. To do what is best for the child and its the child that matters and nothing else.

It changed my perspective and helped me realize how selfish I have been.

This class was very informative. It expressed the information in many different points of view, which was helpful.

Very detailed and thorough. Nice to be able to complete online and at my own pace.

Its very imformative, yes it does require alot of YOUR time, but its well worth your children's future.

First thing a couple should have to do is go through this course.

Very easy and very wel planned out. It was a good exspierence for me.

This is the best of the classes. It is much more in-depth than the other alternatives.

I like how informative it was and how it opened my eyes to handling certain situations.

Great information that opened my eyes to some things I thought I was doing right and wasn't.

Its very educational and beneficial.

I think it is a great course. The videos of all the judges and attornies really help and tell you leagaly what could happen if you dont follow to make co parenting easier for both parents and the children.

I thought this class has a lot of information and imput to help the parent understand what the child or children are going through when both parents seperate or divorce.

It was very informative and I will apply the new things that I learned to my daily parenting!

ALL persons involved in caring for children during a divorce benifit from this course. Stepparents, grandparents, and any adult dirrectly involved with the children.

It is very helpful in making co-parents understand the impact their behaviors and choices have on their children.

The role play skits gave the clas more realism than just reading words. I liked seeing the facial expressions and how the questions were raised concerning how the child must feel at these times.

It helps the parent who has not been co parenting realize what they are doing wrong and how much it affects the child. For the parent that is co parenting to best ability allows to improve even more and help the other parent try to sharpen their co parent skills.

It is very informative especially for separating parents having very young children. This class helps to raise children between two homes without emotionally hurting them.

I thought this class was very knowledgable, it helped me better understand different point of views besides my own. I also enjoyed the slide shows involving the children because it does fall back onto them. My child is my number one concern and this class makes you aware of these things. Also it gives you pointers on how to react to certin obstacles you will incounter during coparenting.

Class is relevant and comprehensive.

As soon as someone files the 2 parties should have to take the course to insure the best for the kids.

This class should be recommended to EVERY parent that files for divorce or separation. Not just a case by case decision.

I feel that this class is very helpful in understanding the challenges children face and how parent can help make their situation better.

The participation of all of the different judges giving the facts of what is true and was is not. There are so many false truths out there and actually having the judges explain different missconseptions helps a lot.

I liked that, even though my own coparent and I are on friendly terms, I could gain insight on how my kids might be feeling and realized I was putting them in the middle of it. Their dad and I are still friends, but we both agree that this class has helped tremendously!

It was informative and brought my attention to mistakes I've made.

I appreciated hearing in words a number of things I already know but will benifit from the reinforcement of having heard them in this class. There were also ideas and thoughts provided in this class about coparenting that I have learned from by taking this class.

I learned a lot of information on how to address issues as they arise. Also, it helped me understand and see what I was doing that was not in the benefit of my children.

It is well-presented and very informative.

This is very helpful, its funny everthing they talked about i'm going through with my sons mother.

I think the information is very, very relevant and useful for many people, especially younger, less mature couples who are experiencing some significant conflict.

That it is very educational and it will help with the misconceptions that are out there like the child being able to choose where they will live.

It made me aware of personal mistakes that are detrimental to well-being of my children. the option to take class at home at my own pace helped me to focus more on the material presented.

That it is audio instructed, as I have trouble focusing on reading materials for a lengthy time. This way helped me focus more and I was able to retain much of the information.

I liked the videos were the judges and attorneys got to talk and explain how things work in the courtroom. i liked how the class was online and i could take it when it fit into my schudule. i gained a lot more knowledge the second time i took the class. having it online and taking it in my home i could really focus on it. i learned so much of what i could do better on my part and for my child.

This class honestly has helped me realize this matter is not about me and my x fighting for custody but what is in the best interest of our son. And how we need to work together to help our son have the brightest future.

Gave me a better idea of my child's perspective on our situation.

I felt it was very informative to learn about how things could be affecting my son and how to see things from his perspective.

I feel that this class is very helpful in understanding the challenges children face and how parent can help make their situation better.

I think this class was very informative. Alot of the things that I need clarity on were completely clarified for me and even broken down in a way that I could express them and not be abrasive towards my co-parent. I believe that this class has helped me to make things simpler for me and my co-parents and gave me the tools need to put my child first. Needless to say I loved this class and im glad I took it.

The class was very informative and really allowed me to understand some of the behavior of my child as a result of either one, or both parents behavior.

This class was absolutley amazing and has helped me look at things in a different way.

Ability to take the class online in a manner which I could work at my own pace. I also liked seeing examples of how to appropriately handle certain situations with my coparent.

The class really opened my eyes to a very difficult situation that doesnt have to be if each co parent and family etc respects one another and most importantly the CHILD. Fantastic class! I highly recommend to anyone who is a parent whether divorcing or not.

It will be beneficial to the health and understanding of working together for the children...putting all personal feelings about each parent aside.

It not only made think how I can communicate better, but to see what I need to work on as well. Sometimes things are said and done unintentionally, yet this course helped put things in perspective. It also made me glad of some of the choices I have made to protect the child.

I think this class is very important, coming from divorced parents, I wish my parents had to take this class... it would have made my life (and my brother's life) a LOT easier and better.

I found it very educational and loved the videos, as well as, the print feature. I think every parent in whatever situation could learn from this class. I also appreciate the ability to be able to take this class online and at my own liesure. Thank-You

That video is effective. I do believe it does reach some people. It has made me think differently about my actions and words. I thought I was doing most of what was suggested through out this video but there are some things I will change.

I liked being able to take the class based on my personal availability. I didn't feel rushed and I was able to process the information right away.

That is definitely helps me as a parent, to step back and look at my actions and what I may do to improve the quality of the child's well being and future as an adult.

The class was very informative and thorough. I learned a lot about how to effectively co-parent with my child's father for the best interest of our child.

I was initially skeptical and aggravated that I was ordered to take this class. I felt strongly that I was a "good" father. I still believe that to be true, but I was greatly unaware of the
complexities to and required behaviours for sucessful coparenting. If our son's mother and I follow the recommendations in this course, he will be much more likely to develop "normally".
Thank you for everything

This class is helpful in presenting alternatives to running into the court room.

The way the information was presented made it easy to follow, listening to the spoken words and being able to read along helped to follow along. And actively moving from slide to slide helped. I believe it helps for parents to hear how their actions, words really do hurt their children. I am very glad I watched this video and I will reach out to my children's father to see if we can work better at communication and perhaps solving some divorce issues before going to a final hearing.

This class opened my eyes to behaviors I was previously unaware of. And also, how to better react to my children's needs.

Very helpful info on how my children look at things and made me remember to keep focus on them and not my problems with their dad.

Liked the examples and the videos from the judges perceptive.

It's incredibly helpful. I think it helps parents realize that kids are seeing and hearing everything and the choices we make as parents have to be made as adults, not out of childish anger toward the other parent.

I liked how helpful and much I learned in so many different ways with so many different things the better way to handle and understand situations and deal with child development and divorce effects and dealing with court .. Thank You for this course! Took tons of notes. I liked how useful this course was!


It is an extremly useful tool in educating parents. Every parent could benefit from this class.

The class should be required before people are allowed to file for a divorce. That may save them a lot of money and headaches.

Everyone with children should take this class. This class has been an eye opener for me about my behaviors and how I can improve co-parenting issues.

It was very informative and the clips of judges and attorneys helped me see what really
happens in situations

That its amazingly helpful. And should definitely be required.

The class can benefit all coparents and any other adults involved with the child. I believe
that all judges and attorneys involved in family law should also take the class.

Lots of great information as well as examples to illustrate them.

The content of the class was very appropriate. I appreciated the narrator. I learned from being able to see my incorrect answers and then able to view the correct answer. I definitely will be able to improve my communications skills with my grandson's mother.
Thank you for offering it on-line.

I was able to take the class online which is a big convience for a busy working mom. It helped me look at my situation from both my sons' point of view and my coparents' point of view.

The class was very imformative and helpful. They gave a lot of different links to resources coparents can use.

This is a good and necessary class to take prior to a seperation or divorce.

It is important for Judge's to order taking this course as early as possible in the process. Most people are unaware of other options than litigation, but need to take the course to fully understand why should not litigate.

I liked the videos of the judges and attorney perspectives from what they have witnessed and describing the laws as it relates to court orders and breaking down the terms used in court orders. I also enjoyed the videos show alternate ways of responding to a co-parent. Moreover, I was inspired to create a co-parenting plan after the review of this course.

I believe this class should be recommended to all parents, living in two homes or not, there is a lot of important information in these classes.

The course information was thorough and all parents either seperated or together should consider taking it. It gave wonderful information that all parents should use.

It covered a lot of subjects and gave some great ideas on avoiding and dealing with conflict

Very helpful in teaching parents to control emotions for the sake of the child

It was online and was at my pace to complete

The class is a good class that all co-parents should take in order to help them make the right choices for there children.

This really helped me to see things from a childs perspective.....I wondered about how I would have dealt with the stress of divorce at my childrens age. I spent more time than required to understand more.

I liked that it gave you alternative ways to handle situations and it also showed you consequenses that your negative actions could result in.

That it is an excellent tool for anyone to take that is even contemplating divorce, they need to think of their children and how it is going to impact their lives in every way.

I thought the course and material was excellent, and gave wonderful suggestions to help parents to truly act in a child's best interest, which is to strive for successful co-parenting.This course should be a requirement before the first hearing when filing for divorce, and should also be, once purchased, made available for future use say at 3 month, 6 month, 1 year to yearly intervals for parents to have a reminder that developing good, amicable communication skills and both working together to keep the child/ren out of the middle.The reason for offering and taking periodically is due to emotions being highest prior to filing for divorce, lingering emotions and feelings that still continue on which newly filing parents may not effectively 'hear' all the information provided but of course may help, at least with some adults, to get a better perspective about how much of an impact divorce will have on their child.Also the availability of taking this course and material online was extremely beneficial and allowed great flexibility for training and completion.

Yes, it helps co-parents of understand their children life and how it can effect them but, not only that, it even helps them too.

The content was excellent.

The class is important in that in gets the parents in the correct mindset as early as possible with respect to their children. Parent's who take the information to heart will do much better at dealing with the child's issues. Great class.

Its a well organized class and full of many good points.

That it would have helped to know some of the information long before having to spend thousands in a court system.

All those who are co-parenting should be required to take the course. Regardless of their marital status; separated, divorced, never married and other such as individuals serving as guardian. Maybe it will keep parents working together. Some parents don't work well together because they just don't know how.

It was loaded with good information.

The class clearly elaborated on how to deal with the children when it came between two separated parents. It was also a good class on how to deal with children of specific ages.

That it is very helpful and may change the way one or both parents view the situation and possibly avoid litigation all together by taking this class prior to any legal action

It was very informative in provided alot of detail. This class would benefit any parent, regardless if they are moving towards divorce or separation.

It opened my eyes to better ways to handle the relationship with both child an co-parent. It showed me areas in which i done wrong though never admitting before hand. In general the course was highly needed an now that I have completed it i hope i can better my family and the way we live.

It was VERY informative and helped me see that some things I thought were innocent could still have an impact on my son. It also helped me see it from my co-parents perspective a little more and that will help us communicate better in the future.

I love the inputs from the judge and how it was truly centered on the interest of the child.

It was very informational with lots of details and very good point of views.

Opened my eyes to how a child feels about living between 2 homes and what it takes to raise a happy healthy child in this situation.

I loved that the class was focused on the concerns for the children. I learned about the options that I have in the divorce process. I was reaffirmed in the ways that I am attempting to communicate with the coparent. I learned ways to communicate more effectively with my children. I enjoyed listening to the judges. Very convicting. Learned much! The material was very good. Enjoyed the way it was taught.

I'm an attorney, and I think it's got some great information. The stuff about how bad litigation can be for everyone involved is great information. The videos featuring the judges with real, first-hand examples are excellent. People need to understand that litigation should be a last resort.

I liked the information. All of us make mistakes - some unwittingly - so hearing that presented in a factual manner helped me to hear it, understand how it might affect my children and gives me the chance to do it differently.

I really loved the information that was given. I learned more than I thought I would have. I learned to see beyond myself and to put myself in my Child's shoes. I came in this class closed minded now I have an open mind. It's not about me it’s about my child. Before I disagreed with something before this class and this class just painted me the BIG picture. Loved and enjoyed this class! I learned a lot!

It helped me with the way I should handle co-parenting situations they may come up in the future.

I think they should know this class is very helpful and it is a good class to recommend to all parents who are going through a divorce with children even if they seem to be able to work together. The information this class gives is good to know no matter what the situation is.

I appreciated the truthfulness that was shared by the judges and attorneys. I thought the class was very well put together, easy to follow, with simple ways to coparent. I loved how the class focused on the children. Very well done! I truly enjoyed the class and have already began using the material in my daily life. The information I received would have been even more beneficial to my family if the class was made available before I filed for divorce.

I enjoyed this class and would strongly recommend this be taken by every parent no matter if they are divorcing or not.

I honestly liked all of the information within the course. Especially the videos of actual jusges and lawyers in order to help clarify some of the legal ramifications that are involved.

The vidios were helpful and entertaining as examples of what to do and not to do. I learned alot about my childs concerns and putting their needs first before my own.

I appreciated the audio provided by the course as well as the videos of attorneys and judges providing their input.

It has very useful information that will only make you stop and reflect on yourself as a parent and encourage you to make the necessary changes.

It contains a lot of good strategies for coparenting, even if the other parent is uncooperative.

This should be required by every state. It is only beneficial to the children if the parents take the class.

Good examples and real life information from actual judges and attorneys.

It should be offered sooner, to prevent some mistakes in the first few months of a divorce--which are often the most emotional and difficult to navigate--from happening.

It is extremely helpful and not just for parents going through dispute or litigation. I think parents would benefit from this sort of class every few years just to remind them of what it is all about: the kids.

The material and videos helped put the ideas presented throughout the course in a more understandable and relatable view. A lot of the examples were very helpful and in general it reminded me and taught me how to be a better co-parent and to focus more on my child than my own needs/feelings/emotions, etc.

[What I liked about the class was the] Videos from judges and attorneys, offereing examples, and video of real life like situations. And the reading it aloud so that I wasn't tempted to skip ahead.

I liked that the class presented many things parents do with good intention for their children but explained why they could be harmful, and offered alternative solutions.

The class was informative without being preachy. Everything was from the perspectve of the kids. This perspective is something that can get lost, however unintentionally, when adults are in conflict. The class did a good job speaking about ways in which parents in conflict can protect the kids from becoming involved.

I really enjoyed the commentary from the judges and lawyers and their perception of things. This really is a helpful tool and should be ordered prior to parents taking their children, family, finances and selves through the heartache of litigation.

It was presented in an easy to understand and follow presentation and had a lot of information not given by other services.

I think any person that gets married could benefit from this class. I think any new parents could benefit from this class. I was instructed or told that I needed to take this class before the court hearing. I am glad I did take this class and glad I did so with and open mind.

I liked that I learned more about how to react and to be more mature about the situation. I liked everything that it is about and believe that other parents would really benefit from this class.

That I appreciate the time they spent making this and their no-nonsense advice on how to be the best parent I can be.

It was to the point and very informative. I believe it truly displayed the benifits of putting the children first.

I think it would be great for attorneys to recommend this class prior to the temporary orders hearing. It would help put things in perspective.

I liked this class because of its direct nature and point-of-fact answers. It was also very helpful and adressed common issues. Being able to take this course online was also very helpful.

I truly did learn how to see how our conflict may impact our children from a new perspective. I learned valuable tools, techniques and verbiage that will be beneficial in my communications and actions with OUR children, and especially in my communication with their father.

I thought I was seeing things through the childs point of view and doing what I thought was the most beneficial but this course allowed me to see things from a different perspective and modify my whole outlook on raising our child with two homes

It was very informative. Gave useful terminoligy. Helped me understand the courts view on the situations brought before them allowing me to rest assured the best interest of my child is in fact at the top of the priority list.

Focusing on the course and really trying to grasp the material and try and apply it to your parenting skills it will make you a better parent and give your child a happier enviroment.

The flow of the literature was great - easy to follow. I learned about better ways to communicate with my co-parent - and why it's important to overall health of the family's relationship. I also learned new perspectives from the co-parents role.

It is very helpful and informative to parents trying to work between two homes

I really enjoyed the court videos of the attorneys and judges. I felt that they brought a realness to the videos that was needed.

It was very helpful and insightful on how to be a respectful co parent and a responsible caring parent.

I wish that i had known about this class prior to the divorce. It would have helped me out thru it all knowing diferent ways and options in dealing with everything. it was defintely worth the time and money.

Good source of knowledge and guidance. It covers a lot of questions one might have. It makes you more aware of some actions you may not realize have an impact on your children.

What i liked about the class was the fact that it actually gave you helpful advice on dealing with things differenty. The class also opened my eyes to some of the things i was doing with out knowing i was doing it.

I like the way actual interviews of attorneys and judges provide perspective of the court.

I learned a lot about my behavior and some things that i need to change in myself and my childrens dad.

Allowing parents to take the course online is extremely beneficial, and it significantly improved my attitude about having to take the class once I knew this.

I have a much better grasp on how to deal with my co-parent in the most efficient and respectable way for all parties.

It is very informative and goes into pretty good depth on important subjects.

Make it mandatory after filing for a divorce.

Gave much useful information about communication and perspective from child's point of view.

I was able to gain a persepective of looking at things a different way.

It really opens up the mind about your behavior that you may not have noticed before.

It really put all sides into perspective and focused on the importance of the child and what the child needs, which is where it should be.

This is very good, and I think it should be mandatory for people to take before they decide to become parents.

I Liked how realistic it was.All of the situations are real life examples of what happens. it is very informative and i believe all family members or people involved in these coparenting situations can benifit from this class.

The convenience of taking it online and at my own pace. The videos were good examples of how and how not to act in supporting a child's needs between two homes.

The class had lots of good information. It offered alternatives to hard-to-handle situations. It helped me better understand, or discover, my strengths and weakness regarding co-parenting.

This class was amazing and so helpful to me. I liked all of the many examples given, the role playing videos and the videos with the attorneys and judges. This class is going to give me an upper hand in raising our little boy between two homes and only take into consideration his feelings and his best interest and not mine. I have already had situations arise where this video has helped me put my anger behind me and talk more effectively to the other parent. Thank you so much for a great presentation for such a sensitive matter.

The class is beneficial for anyone who is involved in being around children growing up between two homes. Not only do the parents learn tips, but also family members, friends, significant others, and professionals working with the children.

This class will pertain to everyone going through this tough time. The examples given will hit home to anyone. I think this class should be mandatory through the court system. Parents, step parents and grand parents should all be required to take this course. Thank you!

The last section was the most helpful. The communication skills taught were very applicable and imperative to parents going through a divorce. The class made you realize to always put your child's needs first and to not put them in the middle of all your issues with the other parent.

I enjoyed all the different perspectives given about how children can be affected when they suddenly have to exist between two homes.

This class should be required before appearing in court for the first time; even before mediation.

It is very helpful to the child. All parents will if not learn something, be reminded of what they need to do to make the life of their child better during such diffiuclt times.

I like that I was able to take class online at my doing. There were a lot of things that I've learned in this video that I was doing wrong and a lot that I can turn around to better our family.Thank you for this video.

The examples or role play situations were very helpful. The outlook of what children go through when divorce comes into play is important for parents. We sometimes don't realize what we put our children through.

Open my mind to different parenting ideas and communication with other co-parent. It helped me understand the needs of my children and co-parenting with their father.

I like the fact that the course was very informative and provided many tips on how to co parent.

This course kept the perspective focused on the view of the child. As an educator myself, it is amazing how one can lose sight of developmental knowledge of children while in a personal struggle. It honestly has made me stop and adjust my comments to my daughter, and I am actually very grateful for the experience.

Very informative and will help in lot of coparenting situations and would help the family and kids to feel better.

That it is very accurate on how things happen in real life, i wish more classes would be offered like this every year of the childs life so it can be like a refresher for the parents.

it let me get insight on things I thought I knew about, I have to stop several behaviors that I didn't realize could hurt my child, I wish we would of taken this class years ago with our divorce preceedings not a couple of years later because of an modification.

It was very informational. It helped open my eye to some things that I have been struggling with.

They should require this course at the first hearing and have a deadline for completion.

It is a must so parents are educated about the children and the divorce options to keep it out of court if possible.

I learned how to be a better co parent and understand the process much better when it comes to the steps in the divorce.

I liked everything about this class. It helped in many ways on dealing with the other co-parent and learned what to do and what not to do.

I liked the info, and the ideas of rasing a child and the ideas of making yourself better as a parent. it helps you understand the child is everything and needs to be your main focus in your life when involving them in your life decisions.

The real life approach. I can relate to most of the examples. The judges were the biggest insight. Have them ALL say the same thing must mean something.

I learned some behaviors that I was unaware that I was displaying with my children that I should reevaluate. Being online allowed flexibility.

That this class is very helpful and thank you for there cooperation in making this class, it will help many parents and families through the daily struggles in life, thank you.

I liked how they had the videos of Judges and attorneys giving us advice on trying to settle between the parents instead of going to court.

It gave me some insight to how my child views the divorce. Also, what little things not to say like i missed you! i wouldnt think that would make your child feel bad, but now i see the point.

I enjoyed the different videos, how they presented the wrong way and the right way. I enjoyed hearing from the legal professionals. I also thought it was great how it ended on the children and began with the adults.

All of the information was extremley helpful to me.

This should be offered before hand when parents are thinking about getting a divorce.

This class was a very great help to me and my family. I will implement all suggestions when needed.

Thank you! I gain a lot of useful information.

I went through the grieving stages while taking the class and learned how to cope in ways that will benefit our daughter first and foremost. This is definitely a class that needs to be ordered for all families, separated or not.

I think all parents going through divorce/custody battles should take this class. It helps you keep your perspective.

I liked all of the different ways to look at the feelings of the children. This class really helped me to look more into things through the eyes of my children.

That this class has value. The sooner we are required to take it the better. I am already working on coparenting in the home.

It's very helpful in preparing better outcomes for the child and family involved.

You really do get a new perspective on how to view the situation regarding your child and co-parent.

I liked the slight humor that was used on such a serious subject. Comic relief always helps. I enjoyed the videos of the different senerios. I also appreciated the use of actual judges and attorneys from this area.

The class taught me so much. thank you! It also made me see things that I have done, that I wasn't aware of, that could emotionally hurt my children. I liked the little movie demostrations, good and wrong ways to handle the situations.

I liked the information provided which encouraged alternatives to litigation. I liked hearing the judges perspectives.

So im very thankfull for this decision made out by the judge who took care of my case and everyones effort to bring this course out to the public for the benefit of every family. I will definitely recommend this course to every parent, no matter their situation. Thank You.

This class gave me good ideas about how to co-parent in better ways by looking at the job of co-parenting in several different ways that I hadn't really thought of before. I liked the way the class was presented and the fact that it was on line and I was able to take it at my own pace around my schedule. I also liked the it was broken down into sections and each was discussed individually.

It taught me how to use my words and actions towards the coparent in a respectable manner. and to never involve the children in any legal despute.

I expect to have a better relationship with all the important people in our lives. I would like to thank all the people who took the time to care and have classes like these for parents.

It really helps and makes a difference in peolpes lives after taking the class

Before they accept any hearing or cases make sure both parents enroll to this class.

That it is a very good class overall and that I would suggest that anyone even considering seperation or divorce take the class so that they may realize things that they might not have considered. It would benefit anyone to take this class no matter what thier background or situaion may be. It is one of many great tools that can make the co-parenting job run more smoothly and will definately benefit the children involved. Great class....Thanks.

You should HAVE to take this clas BEFORE you file.

I learned a lot from this class. Enjoyed the way it was presented. Felt comfortable with the pace and the ability to advance when I had blocks of time to dedicated to the course.

Very informative and useful information was provided.

The class made me think about the effects on the children. I knew there were going to be some but I learned that there are potentaly so much more that could be effecting them. It was a good class. Parents should have to take this before they file for divorce. I really like the alternate ideas to litigation.

The advice it gives for alternative actions. The emphasis on working it out with the co-parent rather than forcing the courts to decide for you.

I liked that this class teaches me how to communicate to my co-parent and to our child.

I think that all parties involved with the child upbringing and envolvement with the families should be asked to take the course. I will be sharing these classes with my family to try and get them to improve as well.

The way the topics were organized. I was happy to see some information on what to alter in case of domestic violence or mental illess, and some great resources on how to deal with parental alienation. The films were helpful in illustrating the child's point of view more vividly.

The class is excellent.

It really helps and makes a difference in peolpes lives after taking the class.

I liked everything about the class just wish I had known about it sooner!!!

Before they accept any hearing or cases make sure both parents enrolled to this class.

It is needed quickly after a divorce has been filed!!

It offers a lot of options and helps us to see what the kids are going through and offer solutions

It's informative and tells all sides of the situations.

I liked all of the new information and skills provided to raise a child between two homes. I really appreciate that it is the child I love is going to benefit.

The many different examples for distructive behaviors. There are some actions/behaviors of the kids that you do not directly link to you and your co-parent's actions between each other that I never recognized before. Even though some of my actions, I believed, were very thought out I actually am to blame for behaviors that can put some burden on the children.

This is a very useful course.

I enjoyed the entire class. The class provided information and strategies that are very useful. It was not just beneficial for me but also aided in strategies to ensure our boys are taken care of in their best interst.

I like the option to take it online. I liked the videos where the judges and attorneys weighed in with their knowledge and opinions. I also liked the links to other materials for further reading.

It was helpful to review the material and recognize where we have been wrong in our actions and ways we can improve to benefit the kids.

This class was very helpful. My co-parent and I have had a amicable divorce and are very agreeable when it comes to our childrens best interest but I still felt like I learned a lot from this class. Thank you for make it part of the process.

The class was interesting and helpful. Based on what some of the judges and attorneys said that people regularly do in their courtrooms, I think it's appropriate to make this course required.


That I could take it on-line and that is really did have the best intrest of my children at heart.

Videos mixed it up a bit. They were good examples. Reminded parents to look at it from your child's perspective. Let your love for your child overcome the frustration with the other parent.

this class has changed my enire perspective on what a true parent is i hope it has effected others as much as it has myself thank you

Even if you are a step-parent, grandparent, or have any relationship with a child, you should take the class. It is not just meant for parents alone.

This course gave me a "blueprint" on how to have the best relationship possible between father and I.

Very informative!

It is very helpful and this is the best parenting course I have taken.

That it is the best class I have ever taken online with respect to gaining knowledge about a certain subject.

I liked how informative it was and gave different scenarios on how to handle different situations. Also made me feel like I wasn't alone and actually brought attention to things I have done myself that I haven't even realized I was doing.

It is very helpful in dealing with one of the biggest problems of parenting, the co-parenting

I learned many behaviors I was doing were incorrect and made adjustments immediately.

It made me see that things I was doing that I thought were best for my child I now know that I was actually being selfish, and was not in the very best intrest in my child. I definetly will do things differently from this point on.

I cant belive this exists, i love it.

Most of the stuff in this course I already knew, from dealing with it first hand over the last couple of years, but some of the information was new to me and it really gave me more of a perspective on what my child thinks and feels when things do get out of control. I want to thank the people who put this program together, it is very helpful.

It is a GREAT source of information!

Very good real life situations in the videos.

It was easy to follow and interesting. It had a lot of information in a small package

This course gave alternative ways to handle disputes that i never thought of.

I think the courts should make I mandatory(if possible) that the parents take a parenting course together so that they can be there hearing the same information and are able to talk through some things at that moment.

Self paced, gave me a chance to absorb the information. I was able to really look at my personal situation and put it in a different light.

Very in depth. Gave me alot to think about.....good stuff.

I likee the example that the coures gave me it really helped me out.

The information being broken into several parts to help me retain the information easier and the examples of how to apply the new information to be a better parent for my son.

It was very informative and truly about the child/children.

I enjoyed the judges videos and the videos that showed the mistakes made vs the best practices.

This class is a great tool to make parents see their own actions from a third party perspective , as I did this course I saw myself and realized alot of things that I need to work on . When you are in a divorce so many things are going on and you never really get a chance to just stop and look at the situation clearly because alot of times your emotions are in the way. I also think stepparents are others involved with the child should have to take this course . We all play a role and they need to see how to best be supportive of the child also

That it is a good idea for both parents be ordered to take this class

Have attorneys or alternative option personnel recommend the course for both parties before going to court.

Liked the emphasis placed on making an agreed upon plan of actions for both parents to follow so that conflicts are kept to a minimum and child id not caught up on unsettled turmoil. Like the idea of saying, "Your other home, rather than your Mother's house or your Father's house. Like the emphasiis on focusing on the best interests of the child...not on parents or their families.

The class was well organized, easily understandable and memorable. I strongly feel this course should be mandatory of both parents to the child.

It was filled with a lot of information and resources

It is great for everyone over all involved in coparenting. I am going to recommend this class to my parents and fiance as well.

Order ALL separating/divorcing parents to take this before any custody disputes even get filed!!!!! Order ALL lawyers to recommend this to all clients prior to filing any documents!

the class gave great examples and what if scenarios

That the class is a very thorough class including videos showing role playing.

highly reccomemnded class very learning and very upfront

It provides a lot of information and examples of how to keep children out of the middle and all parents should take the class even if they do not go to the courts but throught the Attorney Generals office as well.

The materials were very well organized.

gave lots of good alternatives to different situations

That is does give solid information. That there are behaviors that we all exhibit without realizing it. This class makes you focus on the child/children not your own personal needs and they are two very distinctly different things. Sometimes our actions do not match up with our intent, this class showed me ways to make them mirror each other.

I think all parents involved in a divorce or custody case should take this course prior to any litigation

it really helps. should have taken it sooner

Informative and provided videos to further explain different situations that can occur when co-parenting.

Great course, with a well rounded perspective of what the reality is.

I liked that it had everyone's point of view. I saw my mistakes my coparents mistakes and saw how it will eventually affect my son if we don't change habits.

I liked the demonstrations used to explain what was being taught. I also liked the detail of the class

It had alot of knowledge and stuff i didnt understand or know that i do now really great course very learning and easy to understand

It was a great class to take to learn to be a better person better coparent

that it is a good idea for both parents be ordered to take this class

It was helpful in giving new information on ways to deal with conflict and negoiations during divorce. It also allowed me to look at my behavior in how it can be a factor in my childrens happiness.

This class is great. I would recomend it to anyone who is getting divorced.

Full of reminders on what we are really concerned about and that is our children being able to grow up minus all the unnecessary conflict between parents when they have better lessons to learn at the early stages of life. At the end of the day it shouldnt be so hard and this class gives me so much more hope on my ability to be a great parent and a supportive co-parent.

it showed me different views and gave me advice on how to handle things the right way instead of the negative way. i really learned from this course. my child means the world to me and this course helped me to handle things in a better way in front of my child.

Provides a lot of useful information on keeping children out of the middle and the best ways to approach communication with your co-parent.

Full of great information to practice and really do love my kids so much that I have made my mind up and will always stride to improve my skills as a parent to make and help provide a healthier home and life for my children. This class was well needed for me to hear and take.

The class has lots of information for both parents to see and listen to. The class bring a new point of view from the childs side.

it will definately help with coparenting skills

This is an excellant source of information, highly recommend to all parents.

It is informative and has potentially beneficial information/results for the innocent chil(ren) caught in the middle.

This was a great class, and being a first time father, I have learned a lot on how to handle co-parenting situations; especially how to deal with the "shadows". Any relationship going forward in my life, I will recommend they take this course to understand the proper way's to co-parent and respect my co-parenting.

I like the fact that i was able to see both sides, often times people / co parents are set on what "they" can do for the child not realizing what the childs feelings are or what is best for the child. A child growing up between two homes needs both parents to be there for them. The class really brought on a lot of emotions and FACTS. The videos were eyeopeners.

Please have it recommended upon first appointment with legal counsel. I could have used this course 11 months ago.

Would like judges and attorneys to make the class mandatory early in the beginning hearings when a child or children are involved ...before the parents enter into any final arrangements. I feel that this may have prevented my son and daughter-in-law to make hurried decisions which may now be regretful.

Lot of information References to books/links Videos showing appropriate ways. Judges sharing what they look at

Very informative and happy to take it online

I liked the way it was presented. The videos with different scenarios was good, too. It showed real life issues.

It was laid out nicely and had alot of useful information. Made me think differently of my co-parent.

I liked the interaction, videos and other devices to keep my interests and not feel like I was just being read to the whole time

I liked all the research and how I could relate to everything especially the grieving process. Thank you for that.

Great delivery of information, would be helpful for those parents with a lack of understanding of how their actions effect their children.

It was well organized. Objectives were clear. It had helpful info. The videos with the judges was a very effective tool. I like how straight and blunt they were.

I liked how the class gave lots of an examples. I like the pace of the class . I also enjoyed watching the videos that showed the judge and attorneys point of views

I liked that it had a lot of information and also examples to go with it as well as a good understanding of the situations.

It gave me something else to think about and how just a few words in a situaton can turn the whole situation around for the positive.

This should definitely be something that parents should take before litigation begins!

It is most useful if viewing/taken prior to any legal action including but not limitied to the actual divorce.

It was laid out nicely and had alot of useful information. Made me think differently of my co-parent.

All of it. I think every parent or step-parent should take this class.

I love the way each section was well elaborated. I've learned several things and terminology I wasn't aware of prior to enrolling in the class. I really appreciate the opportunity to educate myself on Co-parenting, various parenting styles, etc. This class has compelled me to make wiser more maturer choices concerning my children now and in the future. Thank you for your help!

Good and clear presentation - Good videos - Good examples

It was very impformative and should be required by law.

I like how it helps you to recognize whats in the best interest of the child versus personal feelings. I like how it provides options to relationships for coparents and that it constantly reminds coparents that its something they must work out versus allowing others to work out for them

well the class gave me more knowlege of becoming a better parent and gave me examples of handeling conflicts in a perfesonial way

That it helps me identify what type of parent I am and how to improve. Not to mention how to handle certain situations.

I was able to take the time I needed, revisit anything I wanted to go back over, and go at my own pace, without having to lose time with my son.

I liked that the class was convenient and available online. I also like that the class gave alternatives to litigation and some solutions to conflict.

That it is an amazing class and worth the time spent on it.

Presented alot of good learning scenarios and different ways to respond to them It also forced you to look at situations from different points of view...chiid and both parents.

It was a perspective changer for me. I realized some of the things I was doing that I was not aware of that could hurt my child. Also, I needed to hear the information regarding domestic violence, as I wasn't aware of the definition or the umbrella of things it covers. I enjoyed the class.

i learned a lot about how my child might feel as well as alternate ways to resolve dispute between my co parent and i

I liked how it talked about a subject and then put it in a way both I could understand and also how I could see it from my child's point of view as well.

I think the information is laid out very well including the pre and post tests so you can measure your progress.

The information provided good insight to all concerned parties.

It really gave me a better understanding of our childs perspective. I found it extremely helpful on how to handle just about every situation that could possibly come up in co-parenting.

It was overall a great educational class.

It is very effective, informative, and could save the court a lot of time if it were manditory for each co parent to watch before going into litigation.

This class should be a prerequisite to any mediation or court case. This information will and should open the eyes of many parents that are still in the "Anger" stage and other stages and how litigation will have a negative impact not only on the child but on the co-parenting relationship.

helps me know how to handle emotion and raising my children in their best interest

Very resourceful class with a plethora of information.

This class is something nearly everyone should take who has children, or is going to be around children in a co-parenting situation. Many people get influenced by a lot of "hear-say" and having a good resource to understand and how to deal with co-parenting is vital.

I think attorneys should make it to where any parents getting a divorce should have to take this class prior to going to court like mine did.

Great resource of information that every family going thru a divorce should watch.

This course is very informative and I can use some of the facts that I have learned in my coparenting situation.

This was necessary in order to understand on how to handle different situations. This did not make me a better man but it definitily made me a better parent to my child. I thank you for requesting I take this course because it had a positive impact.

It was very informative and I think many parents could learn a lot and help their children better by taking this class. It was very easy to navigate through and easy to learn from.

If I had taken this class before court, I would not have involved the court system.

It was great because there is alot of good information on how to better parent kids dealing with divorce and how parents can make it easier for them. I wish I had taken it sooner.

It was very informative and pointred out ways that I could hinder my daughters development that I hadnt even thought of. My ex-wife and are arent involved in any conflict in our divorce but it was still very helpful in showing us how we can provide the best environment for our daughter.

I liked the format, and the convenience. I thought it was masterfully put together in that it offered a huge range of information that was very easy to absorb. I actually enjoyed taking the class and feel like my whole family will benefit from the knowledge gained.

I like the classes because of the communication styles and skills addressed. I especially appreciated the focus being on the well-being of the child. Putting aside adult matters to raise a happy and healthy child is the most important thing.

It is a good class that teaches parents how to work together to provide a better environment for the child.

That it was extremely helpful and helps you to understand co-parenting in depth.

I liked video examples of how to do things better as well as video's from judges and attorney's

If you really listen and pay attention to it, parents can learn so much. It would really help the co-parent relationship and in turn help the kids.

Provide me with a better understanding on how to handle difficult situations with the other parent. Think before I speak.

This class should most definitely be a requirement for all couples seeking separation and divorce before they are allow to file legal documentation except in special circumstances, such as the involvement of domestic violence. A+ to CIM all the way!

I learned alot. I was required to take this class or else I probably wouldn't have, but I am glad I did . I learned alot, and for that I am thankful. I am also busy so the online was defiantly a big help.

it was very informative and i would recommend having family/friends be suggested to take the class.

i liked that it taught me how sometimes we think we are thinking for our children, but deeply without even realizing we are thinking just about ourselves and how its unfortunate that our children are the ones being involved in the middle and getting hurt by us the parents even realizing its also hurting them.

The class was informative and easy to follow.

I liked how it was presented. I found alot of the information helpful. I liked the links provided in certain slides to get more information on certain topics. I feel that would be very helpful for some people struggling with those particular subjects.

I would them to know that every parent regardless of the situation needs to know about this class, the enhancement it has on co-parenting. It is clearly evident you will not leave the same way you came when it comes to parenting. This course has rejuvinated my capability of parenting. Thanks again!

the videos, and direct approach to the problem raising a child and or children between two homes; being as that most parents cannot get along none the less have a nice conversation with another. thus this class shows people can be civil regardless the circumstances.

It defintantly opend my eyes to how things can be harmful to my child and ways to solve them in a timely manner. It will make my childs life better between two homes.

it opens up your understanding of the process better and shows you how important it is to try and work out things yourselves

This class is a very infomative course that creates a realm for self-evaluation.

make it mandatory before a filing for divorce can be done.

Being able to complete this course online was extreamly helpful considering the time frame of inhouse classes and working parents. Thank you

i liked that i was able to take it on my schedual online so i didnt have to sacrifice work time on a class

It helps you see the situations in different perspectives and you realize that the most important thing out of all this is that your child feels secure about the situation and the changes that are happening in his or her life.

I'd like them to know that it's an informative class that for most, I believe, will teach something new that maybe wasn't previously considered, and would only help the children, parents, and others involved.

This class is provides superb information and scenarios to education ALL parents in all situations even outside of the co-parenting spectrum. I believe this class should be promoted strongest to conflicting parents before separation/divorce and those who take parenting classes including expecting parental education. Perhaps for those who are not divorced/separated or involved in conflict would be best served with a leaned out version of this class with reduced price to encourage them as I truly believe this experience can help strengthen/save a lot of marriages/families. Thank you for the experience and continue to bless others with it as well.

It was thorough, and I feel much better about my teenage child living in two homes and the behaviors I'm seeing. I feel like things aren't so much different than if my co-parent and I were still together. Online is good. Read-aloud is good. Good examples.

i really appreciate i can take it online and taught me new parenting skills. the class was well formated and the videos are very informative

I really appreciated their input on the legal aspects of the custody issues. It was enlightening & I feel I learned a lot from it. It definitely firmed up my resolve to go forward with our case as uncontested as is possible while still protecting the interests of our child who's caught in the middle of a situation that he didn't cause. I'm relieved that their are other options vs. litigation in solving our co-parenting issues with our son.

It's a good class, I just wish I had known some of this information before it got this bad.

It is critical for the divorcing party to go through this course to have a better hindsight that children are not at fault not should be used as pawns.

It made me aware of so MANY mistakes I've already made. I wish I would have taken this course 12 months ago.

Let parents know about this information before they can go to court

It teaches you more about yourself than you can imagine and greatly benifits your child.

Let parents know about this information before they can go to court

The examples and solutions. The in-depth information relating to children in two homes.

Very Helpful and gives good starting foundation for co-parenting

its a very neutral class to learn about the law and what we need to do as a responsible parent to do even if we arent with the other parents to realize we have to at least somehow have a healthy communication for our children even if its hard sometimes to do so.

i liked how in depth each section was as well as the ease of use of this course. it was very easy to follow.

I like that the class was online because I was able to complete the course at my own timing and it was easy to follow since the slides were read out loud. The class was very helpful in regards to my children and how the situation is seen in their eyes. I was surprised at how accurately the class represented many of the situations I experience with my children.

though it is long it really opens your eyes as to the best way to handle all situations in a two homes situation and is highly educational.

I liked the facts and statistics. The numbers were scary and I don't want our children to be part of the risks.

The backing from the professionals in the videos

It provided myself as a co-parent to better understand problems that exist within co-parenting households. To better benefit my knowledge of providing adaquate and positive atmosphere for our children to live with each parent under seperate homes

I liked everything about this class. There was some things that i was doing that i didnt know could hurt our child. I'm glad i took this class. I learned alot of new skills about communication.

I liked all of the scenerios and real world facts that it used.

That is very helpful and helps to change your mindset from fighting mode to parenting mode.

Powerful for any divorced parent/stakeholder. Should be viewed EARLY in the process and maybe a refresher latet if necessary. Great "crash course"

I loved the videos especially from the judges and their perspectives. I also loved the alternative role play behaviors that were shown in the videos. They were very practical and realistic.

It allowed me to see things through my childs point of view and not just mine.

I really enjoyed the idea of rewording things to sound better for the children. I grew up in a divorced family and I understand how some of those things can feel or look like.

some rudimentary social skills that get lost in the emotion of a divorce, were brought to the forefront in a clear way.

This course is thorogh and truly helps shed light on what is most important in any separation/divorce ... the children. I liked hearing the judges talk about how courts view parental behavior. I feel it is so important for the parents to make decisions about their child and not leave it up to the courts.

I think that everyone that is involved in co-parenting i.e. parents, grandparent, aunts/uncles etc. should take the course to have a better and open mind about providing a positive atmosphere for the children.

this class was very informative and allowed me to see how a parents words or actions can effect a child..as well as showed better ways to react in various situations

very informative when distinguishing parent attitude between coparent and children.

Real not made up. The wording and voice over gave a sense of what I have and will be experiencing. The presentation was easy to follow and navigate and gave me the chance to come and go to the course.

Keep the child as the focus. The class did not point a finger at me saying I am doing it wrong. It gave good options to work on.

The class is good for divorcing parents. However, it would be good to get it before filing so alternative methods could be explored. Most of us, being our first time, do not know about them and how to pursue.

i would like them to know that this is a very informative class that should be taken at the very begining of a litigation or divorce before things start to get ugly. it should be manditory before anyone ever goes to court.

All of it. I learned quite a bit of information. This class was and is helpful in my situation. Its convienant and you can take your time listening and reading it yourself, instead of taking it in a classroom enviornment.

Online, comprehensive, easy to understand, uses real judges and attorneys to provide their experiences

This course was helpful to me by showing me everyones perspective not just mine or my childs. I realized my child could be changing responses or reactions to situtations depending on which parent is present at the time.

I would tell every attorney that they should make it a requirement that their client take this course BEFORE they move forward one more hour with the attorney! I'm sure attorneys will lose some money because this course should cut down on hours and hours of needless attorney expenses and court appearances! If attorneys do not require this course, I would tell judges that they should enforce this as a required course before the case is filed, even if both parties are level-headed and agreeable, there are situations in this course that most people will not think about ahead of time and the course could save every child a great deal of heartache. I appreciate that the course was very sensitive to cases that involve abuse. It would be nice to see a course that is specifically targeted for families who are victims of abuse.

It should be offered before any sort of legal procedings are done.

I leaned terminologies, and it is not good for children to live so far. Also and most importantly alienating.

Very informative of good co-parentings skills and what it takes to make two homes work for the best interest of the child.

It is simple to understand, and the video examples help you really visualize what might happen in real life.

Attorney's might losse money if parents went through this class before filing but that is what needs to be done. Before parents can file we should be fourced to go through this class. It will make the divorce much better for all involved.

Benefical course for both parties and should be taken prior to hearings.

As a stepmom, however I learned a great deal about how much I need to improve in my role as a co-parenting supporter! I was also raised through divorce and still today, at the age of 49 there are issues within my family that would have been greatly reduced or even non-existent had this kind of education been available many decades ago. It makes me very sad that we need to learn this and my heart breaks for every child who has to live through this environment, but I am very grateful for those who put the time and effort into creating this course! I am also very thankful for having the opportunity to have taken this course online! Not only did it assist me with my personal schedule, it was so much easier to go through some of the emotional aspects in privacy rather than in a classroom with others. Again, thank you for making this course so informative and purposeful!

I liked everything about this class. There was some things that i was doing that i didnt know could hurt our child. I'm glad i took this class. I learned alot of new skills about communication.

The class was wonderful and very helpfull.

The class was extremely informative and identified a number of behaviors we exhibit during our co-parenting at this stage. I hope the co-parent in my situation learns to identify her behavior based on this class. Also, I too have some behaviors to change after this class regarding my co-parenting skills. The videos were informative and beneficial to show real life situations (even though the actors were a little hokey at times). Overall, it is a great resource for parents and I believe attorneys should suggest all parents take this class once they have filed for divorce prior to their first meditation or court date. The sooner the better since most parents are already attempting to co-parent at that time while going through the process of divorce.

It should be presented to parents prior to attempting mediation or divorce proceedings once the divorce has been filed. All parents need to consider the children before their own interests.

It contained all information that you need to know in order to have a healthy relationship with your co-parent and child when that child is growing up between two homes. It made me look at things from a different perspective and made me realize things that I didn't before.

The class offers a lot of better ways to handle this tough situation. Ways that i beleive will help the children adapt to their new way of life quicker and smoother.

The class was very imforative, and is something that should be used before any legal action is taken.

It provided lots of information that will benifit the children in the long and short term. There were also many topics that the class went over that i could relate to. And they provided me with better ways to handle may different situations that have came up.

Thank you very much! I learned some very helpful things in the course that will make life a lot easier down the road. I have recommended the course to others already.

I liked how it opened my eyes to see how the children are involved and how you should handle certain situations. I was given several facts that has and will continue to help me be a better co-parent.

It was very educational... I have to admit I had my doubts, but after taking it, I learned way more than I would have in a classroom type format.

The class should be mandatory during seperation or divorce.

That it is very helpful and that every parent going through a divorce that has children should have to watch this.

I was well informed about all that "I" was doing wrong, and how to make what "I" say better. Stop and think then speak. Never place the child in the middle it does more harm then you can imagine!

That it was self paced, and that it provided helpful skills, tools, and links to other useful websites.

Please offer it to parents prior to having us spend thousands of dollars and lose out on valuable time with our children. It will help us better make choices for our children's best interests.

Every couple going through divorce with kids should be recomended to take this class

I think this class should be recommended at the first consultation a parent has with their attorney when they want a divorce. There is a lot of good information I wish I knew sooner.

The videos were interesting and presented a good deal of information. I liked that you could
save the course and not have to start over. Also, the ability to complete the course within 30 days.

I was well informed about all that "I" was doing wrong, and how to make what "I" say better. Stop and think then speak. Never place the child in the middle it does more harm then you can imagine!

Make people take it before any court dates hearings.

I think this class should be used with the child seminar classes. In our case we have been in court litigations for 7+ years & the court did not recommend this course until our last hearing that was in March. I think parents would benefit from this in the beginning of the separation.

I liked that this class gave very clear definitions on what parents and children go through during divorces and living in two homes. There were plenty of examples and videos to help me understand what i can do differenly and make sure that the childrens needs come first and needed communication skills that need improvement.

Ii liked everything some stuff didnt apply to me but it was all good. i can see some stuff i did that was wrong and i can change.Also somethings that my co parent is doing wrong still overall it helped me see things from my sons eyes and thats all that matters to dad,

I like the information about how not to put children in the middle. Parents need to discuss issues with each other and not through the children. I think that it is so important not to talk bad about the other parent in front of the children, or not to criticize the other parent to the child. The children have no choice in who their parents are, they just love
their parents. You have to respect your child by being respectful of the other parent. I have made the mistake of telling my son how much I miss him when he is not with me, I did not realize that can make him feel guilty and I don’t want him to feel that way. I want my son to be happy and enjoy his time with his father. I feel that I have learned some new tools of what to say and not say to my son and his father because my son’s happiness means everything to me.

I like that the class offers the auditory read along as well as provides the text for personal
reading and that a person can go back to previous slides to review the information to fully
understand it.

I feel it's very educational & can be useful providing the other co-parent also takes the course & learns from it also.

Good reminder to think first before you react, listen to what the other person is saying and investigate before making a decision.

Good information and ways to look at the situation. It should be offered before any sort of legal procedings are done.

Changed my whole view on alot of things.

Being able to take it online an stop an come back it was very flexible with my schedule.

1) The structure 2) It was written as well as read out 3) It focused on the well being of the child 4) It did not seek to reunite the parents

It was very helpful in making me understand how regardless of what we feel for each other, we still have to work together and make an agreement for our daughter, and how to make the relationship a bit more comfortable.

It made me consider things that I probably wouldn't have without the class.

It empowered me. I know black and white and good from bad, except in the situation of this break up and where the kids are concerned. I didn't know what the right thing to say was or the right thing to do. I was bullied and reacted at times and the rest of the time I just let everything go downhill for way too long. I didn't know whether to encourage them to continue to call me mom or not stress them out and let them ignore the traditional titles?

I have a new direction after this course.

It thought me to breath before i opened my mouth to my sons father. Usually I would open my mouth and start an argument because his father thinks he always needs to get his way and I'm just very tired of it. I also learned that my son needs to be put first and everything else needs to go after my son he is my main priority.

I have been reassured hearing the videos of the judges.

The videos gave me options of how to handle situations that have occurred and that continue to occur.

I am looking forward to preparing a co-parenting plan. I immediately added ourfamilywizard.com to my favorites.

It is an excellent website. The course has been very beneficial.

It opened my eyes to the things that I was unknowingly doing to my child that were potentially harmful. I will certainly be more thoughtful in my communications with my child regarding his father and the time he spends with his father. I wish I had taken this class earlier in the process.

I liked the overall presentation. The class came from both the parent and children perceptions.

If I had this class prior to filing for divorce, I would have handled the situation differently.

I would advise any parent to take this class before seeking an attorney.

It showed me things that I was doing that hurt my children, when I thought that I was helping them.

The content was excellent, with good suggestions and examples. I thought that "The Children" section was quite helpful. It gives you best case scenarios to strive for and pitfalls to avoid.

It was interesting to hear the judges talk about the things that go on in their courts.

I liked the videos and that you put humor in it.

I appreciated the straightforward way it was presented and how it was broken down into sections so that it was easy to jump right back into it when I needed to take a break.

The speaker’s voice was pleasant.

It gives you an overview of what is best for children at each age. It lets you also know how important it is to choose good, influential people to be around your children be it future spouses, friends and family.

It reminded me to encourage my children to know and say they have 2 homes, not just Mom's house and Dad's house.

I gained knowledge about how much harder it's going to be to raise my child between 2 homes and how important it is to have a "business" relationship with my ex husband. Some of the things in this class I think I knew, but it's reassuring to hear them out loud.

I liked the videos from professionals ranging from judges to attorneys. It was helpful to hear their perspective.

I liked the convenience of it being online. It is hard to leave little children for long periods to take a class, so having it be online and able to stop and continue to attend to kids is great. Valuable lessons as well.

I loved, loved, loved everything about it!!!

It allowed me to see things from both points of view, which is difficult during a divorce.

They way it stressed the fact that it was all about the children and they are first no matter the situation.

I liked that the course was online and I did not have to miss time from work to take the class.

This class was absolutely fabulous!! I have already recommended it to several people. I learned that many things I didn’t know or think were wrong were and learned to change those to the appropriate ways that were suggested.

It was easy to follow and down to earth.

No child should have to emotionally suffer due to a parent’s lack of knowledge of raising a child in two homes and the Children in the Middle gave more than enough knowledge to each parent to work out their issues and think about the best interest of the child.

The on-line format was very helpful I liked that we could review the pre-tests before doing the final test. The videos were great. It covered a lot of important information and didn't have any filler or time wasting information or videos. I learned a lot and my child will benefit.

I liked that it focused on simple changes we can make to ensure that our children are protected from unnecessary conflict and stresses.

I think this class is a wonderful class and really any parent should be required to take this class.

I feel this class would help our society today to become better for our children.

It really helped to point out something I really wasn't 100% aware of, specifically the "I" and "you" comments and some of the pitfalls to poor communication. I know I am not perfect and that I too have problems, this just helped to show me what some of my problems really were. It did so by presenting scenarios and statements that I thought to myself "I do that".

I've worked for years creating presentations and this one is done exceptionally well! The user is forced to stay connected due to the shortness of a majority of the slides; the videos help break the tedium after the slides.

I liked that I was able to go back and review slides to make sure that I understood all the information provided

I realized that I fit the examples of what not to do or how to react, then the correct ways. I realize I need to grow up and stop being too prideful in order to be a better father or better yet, a better co-parent. It also showed me that my child’s father and I can have a normal relationship if we choose our words better and learn how to communicate on a more mature level, rather than going to court and fighting over our child who needs both of us.

Thank you to all the people who took the time to make this site for people in need.

I found the not saying "I miss you" very useful. I did say that a lot to my child, but now I know how much it could actually make him feel guilty.

Thank you to all the people who took the time to make this site for people in need.

I am the girlfriend of a man attempting to co-parent. This course has helped me to know the appropriate way to co-parent with the children's mother, and it helped to remind the child's father.

I just want to say thank you. Both my co-partner and I get along very well, but we both agreed it even gave us new information.

I liked the additional resources that it provided such as familywizard.com and also ideas for a co-parenting plan.

I appreciate the providers of this course and their efforts in making the lives better for many kids.

I was made aware of my own behaviors and how they impacted my children. I was shocked to learn that little actions, of mine, pose a potentially negative impact on my children. I am eager and now able to change my behavior to positively parent my children, get along with my co-parent and help our entire extended family unite.

Since your system demands one manually advance to the next slide, a parent must stay mentally alert to take the course. It is easier for people to mentally check out, or sleep, during a class they take in person.

The ability to take the course after the children are in bed is a very big plus for some of us! Thanks so much!

Even though my ex-husband and I have the most ideal divorce (if there is such a thing),and I thought that we were doing everything right for the most part, I learned a lot from this class. Going into with the mindset that it couldn't teach me anything new, found out very quickly that I was wrong. It showed me several areas where both of us co-parents could use improvement. I will be using these tools I learned here for the rest of my life.

It gives you an overview of what is best for children at each age. It lets you also know how important it is to choose good, influential people to be around your children be it future spouses, friends and family.

I liked that the course was online and I did not have to miss time from work to take the class.

The convenience of it being online. It is hard to leave little children for long periods to take a class, so having it online and to be able to stop and continue to attend to the kids is great. Valuable lessons as well.

No child should have to emotionally suffer due to a parent’s lack of knowledge of raising a child in two homes and the Making Two Homes work class gave more than enough knowledge to each parent to work out their issues and think about the best interest of the child.

I liked that I could take my time without the influence of other parents encountering co-parenting homes. This could have swayed my thinking if I had heard others discussing their personal issues.

The on-line format was very helpful I liked that we could review the pre-tests before doing the final test.

The videos were great. It covered a lot of important information and didn't have any filler or time wasting
information or videos. I learned a lot and my child will benefit.

Thank you childreninthemiddle.com for having the option of taking an online course versus a class setting.

It's as good as any in person class. I liked that I was able to go back and review slides to make sure that I understood all the information provided

There were great reminders on how to keep the child out of the middle and from the conflict

I just want to say thank you. Both my co-partner and I get along very well, but agreed it even gave us new information.

I liked the videos from professionals ranging from judges to attorneys. It was helpful to hear their perspective.

The videos of judges and attorneys was the most useful, powerful, impacting and engaging aspect.

It was great to see the two judges, Judge Wells and Judge White, speak as this gave me more insight to their decision making styles.

I'm from Iowa so watching the tough little judges from Texas was great. Great information.

It gave me some different viewpoints and helped me realize some of the "mistakes" I’ve (we've) been making. I actually broke 5 months of no speaking, and dropped restraining orders while i was going through the course.

It should be taken PRIOR to filing paperwork or within a week of being served.

Some information was too little too late but good none-the-less. Wish I had the information sooner.